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Verb and Noun Matching Activity

Students often find it particularly difficult to distinguish between verbs and nouns. In order for them to conjugate verbs correctly, they need to identify them first. This activity provides them with some practice on asking the question of whether the word makes an action or is referring to a thing or person. Download the activity… Continue reading Verb and Noun Matching Activity

Adult ESL · ESL Student Activities · Grammar

Comparatives and Superlatives Free Worksheets

How hard do you find it to teach comparatives and superlatives? I find that my students can’t understand it until I show them plenty of examples! This worksheet helps target these skills and gives them extra practice! These activities are very simple to use, I use a simple video about comparative and superlative adjectives like… Continue reading Comparatives and Superlatives Free Worksheets

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Silent Letters Freebie + Five for Friday 15.04.16

Hi guys! I hope your week has been well. I will be joining the Five for Friday party too this week – although it is the last week of our holidays so I won’t be sharing any classroom specific stuff but things I’ve completed and (not completed for that matter) in preparation for next week.… Continue reading Silent Letters Freebie + Five for Friday 15.04.16

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Silent Letters Free ESL Activity

Do you find your ESL students need more practice on silent letters in English? This activity will help them understand silent letters and their use in the spoken language. I give my students plenty of practice on these but I also provide vocabulary pronunciation activities. If you’re looking for some good ones, I recently posted… Continue reading Silent Letters Free ESL Activity