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Ways to Cope with Stress for ESL Learners

Avoiding Stress. It’s no wonder that adult ESL learners deal with the most amount of stress. They need to juggle their normal responsibilities while juggling to look for a job to support their family and all the while study to become proficient in English.   As I write this article, I am juggling so many… Continue reading Ways to Cope with Stress for ESL Learners

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ESL Speaking Activities for Adults – Student Surveys

Looking for some fun ESL speaking activities for adults? I love these student surveys which my ESL learners just LOVE. Help and encourage your students to speak more by giving them a survey to fill out. They will love to ‘interview’ their classmates and get answers to their questions on their surveys. ***NB: the FREE… Continue reading ESL Speaking Activities for Adults – Student Surveys

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ESL WH- Questions Activities

I love getting my ESL students to practice learning their WH- question words in different ways. Not every student will learn how to use question words easily and some will understand it better than others! I made these fun interactive digital activities to help students learn and practice making question sentences using question words. Students… Continue reading ESL WH- Questions Activities

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Verb and Noun Matching Activity

Students often find it particularly difficult to distinguish between verbs and nouns. In order for them to conjugate verbs correctly, they need to identify them first. This activity provides them with some practice on asking the question of whether the word makes an action or is referring to a thing or person. Download the activity… Continue reading Verb and Noun Matching Activity