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Challenges of ESL Teaching

“Let us take this example – Your application has been selected for an ESL Job. Landing one of the ESL Jobs in Korea has always been a dream for you. Ever since you have been selected for this job, you are over the moon and already celebrating the success of your career. If you are going to prune into your ESL Job without any prior preparation, you are bound to head for trouble.

ESL Teaching Challenges

One of the big aspects of consideration for you would be the challenges you are expected to face in your ESL Job. Sitting at home, it could be very easy for you to estimate the ease of the task. When you set your first foot on the soil of your profession, you would realize the problems that lay in store for you. This is where an ESL Job is very frightening. Here’s a drill down on the kind of challenges faced by a qualified teacher in an ESL Job:

People – The biggest success factors for an ESL Job would be on how you adapt to the people over there. Assuming that you would be leaving your country and teaching people from the other country English, you would need to adjust to the country’s people. More than that, the adjustment to people’s mindset has been the biggest challenge for an ESL Job.

Use of Technology – People residing in these countries use technology but from their perspective. You may be right in using technology for educating them, but at the end of the day it may not be perceived too well by the people in that country. Hence, your use of technology should be tailored to their use of technology for you to get any tangible benefit out of your ESL Job. For example, ESL Jobs Korea is a prime example towards this aspect.

Korea is one of the technologically advanced countries producing high quality technology goods. Take a look at their instructions manual for any product manufactured in Korea. You would not be able to find a single word in English. The biggest drawback is – People are accustomed to seeing the Korean language and any new language infused into them would not be met kindly.

Learn their language – One of the aspects of an ESL Job is to learn the language of the audience that you are targeting. This may not be a tough job when you teach locally in your country as you would be able to learn the dialect of the provinces. For ESL Jobs Korea, try learning the Korean Dialect. I bet you would spend at least 1000 hours doing so. At the end of the day, if you wish to ask people to communicate with you in English, you must still be able to get the message across to the audience.

Learning to cope with ESL Challenges is one of the prime aspects of any ESL Job. Please note that depending on the country where you get an ESL Job, the set of challenges would be widely different. The key is for you to adapt well to the challenges.”

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One thought on “Challenges of ESL Teaching

  1. Personally from my own experience, the hardest or most frustrating factor of all is the being a foreigner abroad. It is a difficult situation to expertly manoeuvre. Learning at least a bit of the language helps, but that takes years to get a decent level of fluency. But people have expectations of you that you will be simultaneously a stereotypical Brit (or other nationality) and to have adapted completely to the new culture. Nonetheless, I love being a Brit abroad, and I’m happiest when I’m bumbling my way through new situations using incredibly broken language while challenging the stereotypes of my culture (although that’s difficult since I conform to so many).


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