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ESL Speaking Activities for Adults – Student Surveys

Looking for some fun ESL speaking activities for adults? I love these student surveys which my ESL learners just LOVE. Help and encourage your students to speak more by giving them a survey to fill out. They will love to ‘interview’ their classmates and get answers to their questions on their surveys.

***NB: the FREE survey cards included at the end of this post are about the topic sleep. If you’d like to see more of these surveys in different themes Check out the links below the images!***

These are especially great because they give them the confidence to speak without having to stumble upon words when they come to do the activity. The sentences are there for them to work on. These surveys work best for pre-intermediate or intermediate students (I use them with my level 2 ESL students whom are of pre-intermediate level).

The BEST part about these is that there are TWO empty editable surveys for students D and E where you can fill out your own questions (by hand) and then photocopy those for lower level students or for some custom made questions you’d like for your students to work on!

HERE are some more surveys:

Halloween – Speaking Surveys

Giving Directions – Speaking Surveys

Health – Speaking Surveys

Habits – Speaking Surveys

Food and Eating – Speaking Surveys

Check out some more listening and speaking activities for ESL students here.

Ready to download these survey cards and try them out with your ESL students?



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