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Silent Letters Freebie + Five for Friday 15.04.16


Hi guys! I hope your week has been well. I will be joining the Five for Friday party too this week – although it is the last week of our holidays so I won’t be sharing any classroom specific stuff but things I’ve completed and (not completed for that matter) in preparation for next week. 🙂

  1. I have been teaching my students on how to find the main idea in texts. They particularly struggle with this since they are ESL students. If you’ve missed this post about how to make newspaper articles into a fun main idea activity – check out this POST here. I found this awesome anchor chart here. Pin link here.

Main Idea Anchor Chart:


2. Are you teaching your students all about silent letters and pronunciation? I’ve made a free printable activity to help students practice saying these words along with identifying the letters that are silent. Download the activity at this blog post here.


3. Here’s another fun way to show the main idea and surrounding details from this LINK HERE.

Main Idea and Supporting Details Anchor Chart- Check out the blog post to download two main idea passages for FREE!:

4. Sometimes my students are too shy for whatever reason to ask questions if they don’t understand so I make a point of it to write that om the board or to remind them before we begin each lesson. I’m trying to think of new ways to do this though next term, any ideas?


5. So I’ve been a complete wreck this week – between the hubby going away for a few days and us going away to Ettalong for another few days – it was quite crazy returning to the house and cleaning like mad. I plan to take it easy this weekend before we go back to work next week even MORE exhausted. 🙂

Sleeping Alyona - Teacher plans on  friday night

Until next time! 😉

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